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Commercial Extras is a TALENT LISTING SERVICE for background performers looking to work in commercials.


I have worked as a background performer, wrangler, and casting associate for over 20 years.  I have learned what is expected of performers on commercial sets and have brought all of my experience to make this service the easiest for performers and casting companies.


Talent: Casting agencies submit pictures from Commercial Extras’ registration. If you are picture picked, we will contact you asking for your avail. The commercial world moves fast and sometimes productions needs to know within minutes if you’re avail. It is wise to have your phone on you at all times. If you don’t respond in a timely matter or if you are not avail, you will be replaced by their 2nd choice, and so on. Keep in mind, that once you are booked, you are locked in for that job. No cancellations are accepted on any job. Our goal(as well as yours) is to keep production happy so that they love you and request you for future jobs.

We understand that everyone’s schedule is different. Whether you’re in school, have a full time job, a family, or just want to dabble in the industry; we will work with your schedule. BUT, once you confirm for the job, you are booked. If you cancel or are late, this will affect future jobs with Commercial Extras.


Casting Agencies: We provide extras, stand ins, photo doubles, etc., for Union and Nonunion projects. Also, everyone registered with Commercial Extras understands the importance of the commercial world ethics. We pride ourselves on the fact that Commercial Extras has the most dependable, production friendly, hard working, and direction savvy extras for your casting needs.


Commercial Extras is very excited to work with all of you.