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Commercial Extras is a TALENT LISTING SERVICE for background performers looking to work in commercials, print jobs & music videos.


I have worked as a background performer, wrangler, and casting associate for over 25 years.  I have learned what is expected of extras on commercial sets and have brought all of my experience to make this service the easiest for performers and casting companies.


Talent: After registering with us, we will submit your photo to every casting company in town.  If production picture picks you to work, we will contact you to check your availability.  The commercial world moves fast and sometimes production needs to know within minutes if you are avail.  Our goal (as well as yours) is to keep casting & production happy so that they request you for future jobs.


Casting Agencies: We provide featured talent, extras, stand ins, photo doubles, hand models, for Union and Non Union projects.  Commercial Extras has the most dependable, production friendly, hard working, and direction savvy extras for your casting needs.  They know to arrive early, bring lots of voluntary wardrobe options & to be professional at all times.  We only register & submit the most professional extras in town.


Commercial Extras is very excited to work with all of you.